Pastry School Diary: Week 32

Week 32 of pastry school started out with a new unit of study on food safety. In order to make learning about food safety more fun, we broke into groups and created a short presentation and game covering various topics of food safety. The best presentation was probably hand washing group because it included this glorious […]

Dalston Cola

Pastry School Diary: Week 31

Week 31 of pastry school brought about a new unit of study towards our Higher Culinary Diploma on resource management. To give us a first hand look at resource management, we were treated to three different speakers who provided us with their unique perspectives on managing resources within their businesses. Our first speaker was Ben Sulston […]


Pastry School Diary: Week 30

Week 30 of pastry school was pretty full on. After returning from our trip to Italy, we had two projects to complete during the week, including one practical demonstration and one presentation that made up two parts of our supervision unit. On Monday, we got back in the kitchen for the first time since week […]

Flying over Naples

Pastry School Diary: Week 29

Week 29 of pastry school might have been my most favorite week of the entire course. One of the units in the Higher Culinary Diploma is a gastronomy unit and as part of that unit, our class took a trip to Sorrento, Italy. Our itinerary included a lemoncello factory tour, visiting a buffalo mozzarella farm and […]


Pastry School Diary: Weeks 27-28

I’m clearly a bit behind on the blog as we’ve flown through the whole month of April without a pastry school diary update. Since I ‘graduated’ in week 24 with my Pastry Diploma, we had two weeks off before beginning the work towards the City & Guilds IVQ Level 3 qualification and Higher International Culinary Diploma. Technically these […]


Afternoon Tea in London

One of the most quintessentially British things to do in London is indulge in an afternoon tea. Even though I’ve been living in London nearly (although not continuously) a year and a half, I’ve yet to indulge in this tradition. This was finally rectified when my class had the opportunity to visit The Ritz for afternoon […]