Pastry School Diary: Week 4

Week four was the busiest week yet. I’ve been doing some freelance work on the side over the past month for a friend. I’ve been planning their company awards dinner and the event was on Friday. I also started doing work experience in the production kitchen of two of my London fave’s SushiSamba/Duck & Waffle (more [...]


Pastry School Diary: Week 3

Week three of pastry school seemed to fly by! By the end of the week my body hurt from all the kneading and creaming done by hand. We do everything by hand and I have a MUCH greater appreciation for all the hard work my KitchenAid mixer takes care of for me. But things are [...]


Pastry School Diary: Week 2

Week two was a lot more smooth than week one. I think we’ve gotten into our rhythm as a class and are becoming more efficient. We’re also getting to know each other a bit better and thankfully, we all get along really well. Before I started, I was nervous everyone would dislike how much I [...]

Lemon Bars

September Inspiration: Yellow

Peach was an easy and obvious theme to start with for August. I thought September might be tricky, but I as I was watching the first half of the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Southern game, I realized it ought to be yellow. It was perfect…football season is back and my teams, the Georgia Tech Yellow [...]

Banana Bread Squares

Banana Bread

This is one of my favorite banana breads. It’s not quite a traditional banana bread, yet not quite a cake. Either way, it’s mighty tasty! My mom originally got this recipe from the Atlanta Gas Light Company Blue Flame Kitchen (circa approximately 1985) when they used to send out recipes as an insert with the bills. [...]

Favorite Flower Stand

Columbia Road Flower Market

I’ve recently moved into a new flat in London, but while I was searching, I stayed with a friend and her three housemates for two weeks. I wanted to get them a plant or flowers to include in my thank you gift basket, so I decided to make a trip to the famed-London Columbia Road Flower Market. [...]