San Gines Churros & Chocolate

Churros and Chocolate in Spain

One of the pastries most ubiquitous with Spain are churros. Traditionally churros and chocolate are a popular Spanish breakfast item, or an early morning snack after a long night out. I mean how could anyone possibly start the day without churros and chocolate?! Churros are fried pastry dough, usually Choux, that are rolled in sugar and cinnamon. They […]

At Home Icelandic Rye Bread

Icelandic Rye Bread

Iceland is a spectacular country with some of the most amazing landscapes and natural phenomena. One of the natural phenomena most used throughout the country is geothermal energy. When planning my trip to Iceland and researching their food scene in the way of pastries and breads, I stumbled upon Icelandic rye bread, which is baked […]

Au Petit Versailles Du Marais

Pastries of Paris

My dad and stepmom rented an apartment in Paris for the month of June, and since I’m just a short train ride away in London, visiting my family seemed like the perfect reason for a long weekend in the City of Light. That, and eating all the pastries of Paris. You know, for research. One […]


Pastry School Diary: International Pastry Diploma Recap

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Now that we’re in the work experience portion of the course, I’ve had a chance to take a look back and reflect on the the experiences of the practical portion of pastry school. At the end of week 24, we received our International Patisserie Diploma. For me, it was more of a […]

Estrella Damm Congress attendees

Pastry School Diary: Week 39

Week 39 of pastry school was our last week of class before we all start the scheduled eight weeks of work experience. After work experience is finished, we’ll come back for a week to recap our summer and then we’re done. CRAZY!! Official graduation isn’t until mid-October, but it’s so surreal how quickly the experience has […]

Group Photo

Pastry School Diary: Week 38

We started week 38 of pastry school at the kitchens of Billingsgate Fish Market again to complete our event using the menu we created and developed during week 37. I really enjoyed working in the Billingsgate kitchens. They’re nicely spaced out, every area has good counter space, a sink, oven and stovetop. Plus a lovely […]